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A simple, quick, and low cost solution to the problem virtually all polo wearers have experienced at some point -
Stops polo shirt collars from curling and keeps shirts looking neat until they're ready for the wash.

Not only that, use of the product can help to reduce premature
wear & tear and colour fade of the shirt, and more:

Reduce fade and wear & tear

Reduce water & detergent use, etc

Even after ironing, many polo collars curl quickly regardless of the shirt being worn for a short time. However even if clean, a shirt with a curled collar is likely to be washed prematurely due to the curled collar affecting it's appearance.

If the PerfectPolo product is in place, the shirt stays looking neat and can be worn again. This has been established during market research and trials.

Less unnecessary washing leads to a reduction in colour fade and excessive wear on the shirt.

Over an extended period (ie 12 months), the number of times a polo can be worn again between washes increases dramatically when the PerfectPolo product is in place.

This leads to a reduction in laundry requirements. The benefits of this are: a corresponding reduction in detergent use, less therefore introduced into water treatment facilities and ecosystem; additionally, less spend due to less time spent in the washer/dryer, and time saved as the polo/shirt isn't ironed as frequently

Refined with customer feedback
and market research

...the product must be easy peel for quick application...

...they should be waterproof in case they go in the wash...

...the adhesive must be strong, as well as heat and detergent resistant...

...they have to be consistent so they always stick properly...

...the product has to peel off in one piece when it's removed... shouldn't leave any glue when they're peeled off...

...the adhesive should be strong so they stay attached until they're peeled off...

• I N T E R E S T E D • I N • B E C O M I N G • A • R E S E L L E R ?

Create a new revenue stream by adding PerfectPolo to your lines. An excellent match for any retail group offering polos, clothing accessories; for sports complexes which offer retail; for workwear suppliers/distributors; for hotel and leisure.

As a low cost consumable, PerfectPolo has been purchased globally by customers from a wide demo and ethnographic, from schoolchildren to pilots, from Ireland to Israel and beyond.